Getting started with Dermaglow microdermabrasion

Facial Treatment Routine

Step 1: Wash and dry your face, a warm shower with steam usually works best.

Step 2: Fit the sensitive diamond tip to start with a new black wool filter. Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn the unit on. Press as required to increase the power level, as indicated by the LEDs - it is recommended to start on level 1 for the first treatment and to progress to a higher level if comfortable.

Step 3: Place the diamond tip flat against the skin until you feel suction and move it continuously across the surface of the skin in a smooth motion, covering the same area no more than 2-3 times in one treatment. Do not press hard or leave the device stationary on your skin. It is important to hold the skin taught with your other hand.

Step 4: Rinse your face with cool water and apply your favourite moisturizer to nourish and rehydrate your skin. NOTE: Avoid using AHA (acid based) moisturisers on the day of treatment.


Follow the diagrams to help you establish an effective facial routine.



  • Do not keep the device stationary on your skin, move in a continuous smooth motion.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant, always consult your doctor first.
  • Depending on your skin type, you may experience some reddening or increased sensitivity after treatment. This is perfectly normal and usually subsides within a few hours.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure after treatment, consider applying a stronger sunscreen as required.
  • Always, dispose of the used black wool filter and replace with a new filter ready for next use.
  • Remove dead skin cells and debris from the diamond tip using a toothbrush and warm soapy water. We also recommend sterilizing and the periodic use of an ultrasonic cleaner for deep cleaning the diamond tip, especially if it starts to feel smooth or less effective.


Other Treatments

Other areas of the body can also be treated 2-3 times a week. For example, neck, chest, hands etc. When treating larger areas, replace the black wool filter part way through the treatment in order to maintain the level of suction. Aim to cover the same area no more than 2-3 times in one treatment. A body tip for wider coverage and a precision tip for targeting smaller problem areas, are both included in your Dermaglow kit.